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Takoyaki- is a popular Japanese dumpling made of batter,diced octupus,Tempura scraps,leeks,topped with okunumiyaki sauce,mayonaise,what else???Making takoyaki requires a takoyaki pan,a special pan made of cast Iron with hemispherical molds.My sister bought that special pan they really loves to eat Takoyaki as a snack food.My good friend of mine taught us how to make.I know how to do but Im not good in shaping it hahaha...so,bothersome for me! so, I always bought a frozen one.My husband also like it...It is more delicious while its hot and lot of mayonnaise.Yummy!


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Manga Is the Japanese words for comics or print cartoons.Here in Japan manga are widely read by people of all ages.My Husband also are one of those Manga lovers.It is one of his hobbies.He reads Manga while taking ofuro (bath),he can finish reading one comic in one day.Now a days, it cost 350yen here.He enjoys reading it...

My New Non Stick Pan Fry  

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I really need to change my non stick pan fry coz it is already old and has serious scratches.Good timing! I saw this pan fry in TV ads I'm so impressed...It cost 2300yen pretty expensive than other pan fry.Anyway, lets see how durable the new marble coat non stick pan...

My bundle of Joy...  

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My Miho now turn 3 months old and 1week I'm so happy coz she can response to me now.I can know now if she is happy coz she starts cooing now.She can lift her head while on her back and can hold it for several minutes.When she's on her stomach she lifts her head and chest looks like she is doing mini push ups hehehe...Best of all her sleeping pattern gets more manageable.She will just wake up at night if she's hungry.Thank God, for a good changes...

Sunflower oil...  

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I use sunflower oil in my everyday cooking.According to our beloved cardiologist sunflower is good for our heart...It is good also for our skin inside and out! that's why I use it also in my skin.I always put some oil in a small bottle and I add some of my fave scent like rose and Lavender oil.Good thing is sunflower oil are odorless,colorless and cheap.So, why not try!? it really works in my skin...so for now,Goodbye to my Dry skin! hehehehe...

Bottle Nurse a Baby - wikiHow  

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Bottle Nurse a Baby - wikiHow

How to Bottle Nurse a Baby

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

If you are not able to breastfeed, or if you are feeding your baby EBM (expressed breast milk) from a bottle, you can still recreate some of the bonding experience of breastfeeding by bottle-nursing. Other people can use this method with your baby if they are watching them for you, but it's best if you are your baby's primary source of milk, just as if you were breastfeeding.


  1. Despite prevalent attitudes today, there's no shame in bottle-nursing. Choosing whether to breastfeed or bottle-nurse is a personal decision and no one should be able to sway you from your decision. Stay positive about your decision to bottle nurse.
  2. Hold your baby in the same positions you would if you were nursing her. Get skin-to-skin as much as possible, as often as possible. Your baby needs to benefit from your warm skin, your breathing and your heartbeat. Be sure to include extra snuggling and skin-to-skin contact throughout the day when you're not feeding the baby.
  3. Take your time and get comfortable with pillows or a Boppy, just as you would if you were nursing. You can even prop a small baby comfortably on a pillow so she is facing you, and then you have a free hand to touch her. Let her play with your hands, your fingers, your face. Gently discourage her from playing with the hard, plastic bottle by offering your soft, warm skin.
  4. Be sure to always hold the bottle at the right angle - every bottle system is different, so follow the instructions that come with the bottles.
  5. Don't rush things. Let the baby eat at his or her own pace. Sometimes you have to take the nipple out a bit and let the baby "catch up" on swallowing, much like during breastfeeding let-down. Don't force-feed the baby. S/he will start and stop on their own. Be patient. Your baby will let you know when s/he is done.
  6. A good latch is just as important for bottle-feeding as it is for breastfeeding. Breastfed babies develop their jaw, tongue and facial muscles and coordination through suckling, so ensure your bottle-fed baby has a good latch. Her lips should be everted (rolled outwards), and touching the nipple all the way around so no air gets in her mouth. Look at pictures of breastfeeding latches to learn more.
  7. Each baby is unique and has his or her own suckling technique. You may need to go through several styles of bottles and nipples before you find the one that's right for your baby. Pay attention to your baby's comfort level during eating - is it too slow? Too fast? Is the nipple too wide or too narrow? Is the baby taking in too much air (causing painful gas and fussiness)? Are they just chewing on the nipple and not able to suck effectively? (Also, remember your baby's suckling style will change as s/he grows.)
  8. Gaze into your baby's eyes, talk to her, sing to her. Rock in a rocking chair or glider. Curl up in bed. Dim the lights, shut out distractions, and focus entirely on your baby - because the bottle is between you and your baby, you'll need to go the extra mile to get close to the breastfeeding experience.
  9. Always offer formula at near-body temperature. Some babies will take a room-temperature or cold bottle, but remember, with bottle-feeding you need to compensate for having that bottle between you and your baby.
  10. DO NOT BOTTLE-PROP. EVER. It is unsafe. Also, because you have the bottle between you and your baby, you can compensate for any lack of physical bonding by dedicating yourself to bottle-nursing with love. Bottle-propping leads to feeding problems, possible choking, and dental problems, in addition to possibly creating detachment in both parent and baby.
  11. When you bottle-feed in public, try the same things that breastfeeding mothers do: Find a quiet place, get comfortable, and even cover your shoulder and the baby with a blanket so they can have a nice, cozy, non-distracting environment to eat in.
  12. If you feel discouraged, remind yourself why you are doing this: To recreate the nursing experience for both you and your baby.


  • Whenever you have a doubt or question, ask yourself "What would a breastfeeding mother do?"
  • Talk to breastfeeding mothers and look at pictures of mothers breastfeeding online, to get ideas.
  • Your baby's nursing techniques change as s/he gets older, so change your bottle-nursing techniques along with him or her. For example, a baby who has just learned to crawl or walk may be extra wiggly, so you can wear a "nursing necklace" or have a blanket or toy handy to distract him or her.
  • You can occasionally hold the bottle under your own chin if you need to adjust baby or reach for something, but don't make it a regular practice (see Warnings).


  • Do not bottle-prop, ever. It is unsafe. Bottle-propping leads to feeding problems, possible choking, and dental problems, in addition to possibly creating detachment in both parent and baby.

Things You'll Need

  • Love, attachment and patience.
  • A bottle system that matches your baby's suckling style. (You may have to try several before you find the right match.)

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chilli con carne  

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I like Wendy's Chilli rice...Since there is no Wendy's here in our place I made my own chilli con carne for our dinner..

Vegetable Ramen...  

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It was cold afternoon so I cooked Ramen for my Lunch.It is good for a busy mom like me coz this Ramen is so quick to prepare.The Ingredients are only cabbage,carrots,corn sesame seeds and some seasonings.It looks simple but it is Healthy and tasty.

My New "Kikay" Bag...  

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I bought this bag thru online.I keep it secret to my husband because I know he will get mad."You have a lot of bags there! you're just wasting money" His punchline ever!!!Unfortunately,yesterday was his day off and that day also my bag will come.I'm expecting also that he will scold me,hehehe....Nothing to do with it.Well, that's my passion.I collect bag since I was in my country.Some are branded and some are not but I'm sure its pretty though.Some are given by my sister who stays in Dubai and the rest i bought.

Rashes Free Baby...  

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I am a fan of Pampers.Have use them since my daughter was born.Best brand for me!!! pampers don't leak through the night.I have never had a leaky issue with them however I did with some brands of nappy.When it comes to Wipes I love pampers too and unicharm baby wipes they are thin and soft and baby powder fragrant.They are my partners that's why my baby is rashes free!!!

French Toast with Cinnamon Sugar  

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When I was A child my grand mother often made french toast for us especially If we have left over pan.Every time she cooks or doing something I always watch her if its interesting to me.Last night,My husband craves for cinnamon roll.He asked me to buy."hell no way" I said "How dare you let me go out in the middle of the night?and worst of all its too cold outside" He replied "OK toast me a bread with butter nalang then put cinnamon sugar...I saw u have it in our kitchen"I feel sorry coz he Invented how to make cinnamon,He really craves for it.So, I made french toast and I put cinnamon sugar...He really likes it.I made coffee too! a bonus...BTW, thanks granny you are the best wherever you are...

Yummy corned beef...  

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We slept so late last night...Of course I woke up late 11am.My Husband asked me "who will go market today?" I replied I will!!!Every time I go to market I always asked him what he wants to eat.Today he wants grilled salmon but I refused coz we just ate grilled fish.Then again he said "OK I wanna eat corned beef with potatoes" I replied OK...but I'm bored with that recipe so, I tried another recipe"corned beef and shredded cabbage" I just sauteed corned beef in garlic and onion then I simmer cabbage and make a white sauce and I put corned beef on the top of shredded cabbage with white sauce and that's it!Really delicious and for a change...

Check out my Slide Show!  

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Cooking for two...  

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Im so glad I can cook now for two person coz before I cant so, many left over.Im just wasting food (wishing my dog Tomo is here...)and ofcourse wasting money.I have to budget so I can save for my extra needs hehehehe...Bytheway, as u can see in the pics that is one of my simple dish:Buttered garlic shrimp,Ham and mushroom i just sauteed it and Cabbage roll with hotdog consome.,Voila!

ushihama park...  

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Everytime I go Ozam I pass by here...Right now, this place is quiet maybe bcoz its winter season.Last summer many people hang around here myself also with my friend Angel.I met her here too I was pregnant that time...

super market...  

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I always shop here coz this is the nearest super market here in Fussa 30 minutes by walk hehehe...Sorry,Im so slow but its ok for me coz its good excercise for me and only excercise I know!!!Anyway,Ozam value name of super market quite big,very clean and a lot of different kinds of food to shop...

Thank you 2007!!!  

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*Got married last FEB.27,2007
*Gave Birth last Oct.17,2007
*Having my Bundle of Joy "Miho chang"
:Just wanna say thank you 2007 Im so blessed Having them(aki my huzband and miho my baby)In My Life...

One of my Stress Busters...  

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Well! just wann thank we have this gadgets...I can release my stress without going out.Especially now,,,Its winter season here!!! I dont wanna go out much.So,I spend most of my time here chatting,surfing and ofcourse! buying some things online like, baby toys,clothes and even phil. foods...(Wala pa rin ligtas si hubby sa gastos!!!hehehe...)